Super AO Muong gift box 380

Super AO Muong gift box 380

AO Muong
golden brown, is large, each for more than one Jin, sleek and beautiful, golden brown color with a red glow Halo. Is a world famous mango varieties (the most noble King mango). 2009 from Australia to enter Chinese market. Hainan has a lot of growing AO Muong the breed, there are many improved varieties are relatives of AO Muong, famous AO Muong refers specifically to the Australian native and international market of this variety of mango.

mango nutritional value is high in nutritional value, vitamin a content of up to 3.8%, more than apricots 1 time. The content of vitamin c than oranges, strawberries. Mango contains sugar, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients are necessary for the human body.

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