Organic grapefruit red heart pomelo 108

Organic grapefruit red heart pomelo 108

red heart pomelo contains natural pigments on the human body has a role in health care, most trace elements such as flavonoid pigments have the function of vitamin p, carotenoids beta-carotene and lycopene-antioxidant, helps clear the body of free radicals.
fruit shaped pour eggs round, longitudinal diameter cross diameter than for 15.5:16; single fruit heavy 1200 grams ~2350 grams, average 1680 grams; skin color yellow green; fruit shoulder round pointed, oblique side; fruit top Quang Binh, and micro-concave, and ring round printing enough obviously and full; fruit surface for oil cell more bursting, feel more rough; skin thin, average thick 0.7 cm ~0.9 cm. Bag flap 13~17 flap, cleft, cleft 54%, capsule shell pink juice SAC red, juice is rich, sweet and sour flavor, quality first-class. 2003, 2004 fruit internal quality inspection results, total 8.76%, total acids, vitamin 0.74% C37.85mg/100g 11.55%, juice, soluble solids, 59% juice cell coloring pigment lycopene and beta carotene, respectively: 41.10 and 55.45 ± 1.13 ± 2.24 (μ-g/g • DW) is Guanxi honey pomelo 55 times and of 46.8 times. BACK
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