Emperor Gong Tangerine gift box 86

Emperor Gong Tangerine gift box 86

Tribute orange is orange with orange of natural hybrids, with orange and orange double advantage is diluted citrus farm of Zhaoqing area of Guangdong Province, China fruit Marketing Association awarded the "Chinese apples" GG citrus soils in China "and other honorary titles, has a significant economic value. Gong hesperidium fruit color is golden-beautiful, pure, thin nuclear less slag in crisp, clear and sweet honey, high sugar and low acid, the flavor is strong, it concentrated on orange in appearance and tender, easy skinned citrus dual benefits. Dechen is the main origin of tribute Orange, "China tribute Orange Township" honor.
tribute Orange, also known as "Emperor Mandarin" or "Royal orange." According to research, the tribute Orange driest originated in sihui city, Guangdong Province, Fiona Hill, are farm rare breeds. A long history of cultivation, and legend has it that as early as in the Tang dynasty, sihui, deqing tribute Orange have been planted in the territory. The Northern Song dynasty (960-1127 AD) due to its superior quality and BACK
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