Update: six breast augmentation waist of fruits

papaya papaya whitening (whitening foods), breast enlargement and other beauty (beauty food) effect. With fresh papaya stew, or add honey (honey food) steamed papaya, breast enlargement (breast enhancement foods) top grade! Papaya contains papain enzyme, not only can these papaya enzymes break down protein (protein), carbohydrates, can break down fat by breaking down fat to remove fat.
Kiwi sweet and juicy and rich in vitamin c characteristic, pectin, acid and other beauty and body of the most popular fruits. With a sweet and sour taste of the the kiwifruit, which can prevent constipation (constipation food), aid in digestion (digested food) and beautify the skin.
banana laxative effect is well-known, stick to one or two bananas a day will help flush out toxins, shrinking waist, healthy glow from the inside (health food), beautiful (beautiful). And a banana (approximately 100 grams) calories, only 87 cards and white eats a meal (150 g 220 cards), compared to only about half of the calories. Both detoxification and slimming.
Apple is that we take the fruit, which are rich in pectin, can help intestinal peristalsis and rid the body of toxins, and best of all you can also reduce the absorption of heat, coupled with Apple's k a lot to prevent edema in the legs. Also, if you keep Apple a day diet, you can make skin Ruddy gloss.
5. grapefruit
grapefruit is very low in calories, according to United States a study, on the normal three meals a day if I could eat half a grapefruit, health care (health food) the effect will be very good. Of course if you think that eating half a grapefruit it is not all of a sudden, that drinking grapefruit juice effect is quite satisfactory. 6. tomato
foods such as tomatoes are rich in pectin fiber, make people feel full. Helps reduce constipation and for promoting metabolism, and quite helpful. Can the body lacks vitamin and mineral supplements BACK
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