Five thin fruit

Selection methods: pay attention to tap Apple, sound crisp, beautiful, rosy color.
skinny belly to help stomach stays flat. Every day between the morning and noon, if the greedy want to eat dim sum, necessarily eating apples finished eating a heart felt full. I like the Apple brand is United States Washington, Fuji Apple, but every April to July there were more delicious Chile Apple market, more crisp taste, taste is more sweet than Fuji Apple, but seasonal restrictions. My father was watching me too love to eat them, simply open a fruit store and let me eat your fill with the cost price.
2. tomato
selection methods: to choose the kind of hardness, size is medium.
This is the dessert I accidentally discovered the incumbent, eat lean face. Which contain lycopene can fight cancer, and men over the age of 40 tomatoes can also prevent prostate cancer. Like Saint small tomato is I carry carry of afternoon dessert, originally I of face and meat and round, but daily eat many small tomato zhihou, whole face of line are change has, area also variable small has, small tomato a a, processing easy and no save of problem, like I filming of when must carry carry a box small tomato, go to which are can eat, on work family for, is is convenient of fruit.
3. guava
selection methods: beautiful color and sound crisp, hold in the hand weight felt.
guava can replace meals, low calorie, nutrient, and noon to eat a guava plus some light food, is a full meal, but not more than 50 calories of heat. This can reduce calorie intake, and has enough nutrients to support physical activity, it is incumbent to lose weight. And, because the guava is very hard, to eat a guava a long time to chew, produce satiety.
4. Kiwi
selection method: using hand pressure to moderate hardness, over ripe kiwifruit skin will look a bit like thinning or see the flesh looks like.
are rich in vitamin c can enhance immune function in liver, while vitamin c good to the skin, I go home often eating two or three, as a nutritional supplement. If the the kiwifruit hairy is not convenient to eat, I suggest in a Kiwi sauce, sweet and sour taste is like love. My exotic juice recipes are two kiwifruit, peeled, and a little water, a little crushed ice. Fear of acid can also add some honey, but the important thing is to play just make good the juice machine, don't hit too long, or the Kiwi fruit seed broke, it will appear.
5. grapefruit
selection methods: hand weights to be thick, representing water.
grapefruit sour, but I recommend we eat United States of California, Florida grapefruit, really sour and rich in vitamin c, low in calories, I was directly cut into six pieces of Orange class gobbled, the fear of acid, it is recommended that add a little honey in a. BACK
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