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Corporate gifts are enterprises in the business or business activities in order to improve or expand their visibility, increase market share (share), special order get higher sales and profits, with the enterprise logo, products with a special meaning. It has novelty and singular features, technology and practicality.
to discuss the firm's gift culture, you must first understand the characteristics of the product as a gift, and then combine the characteristics of enterprise case studies. Here we focused on enterprises should follow general guidelines as well as corporate gifts should have character.
corporate gifts should first clear gift giving purposes. Friends give gifts is to deepen friendship, husband to wife gifts is sublimated love, parents give their children a gift of enhancing family. Corporate gifts aim is clear – to expand business and increase profits. Therefore, the purpose of gifts gift levels and time to be determined.
purpose, naturally, need to identify objects. Corporate gifts often are for a body or bodies, but needs to be considered is that gift recipients are people who are still alive, he (she) has its own personality, status and taste, that the sending of gifts also have different personalities.
gift giving time is very important. Time here is not only the specific gifts of time, also included in order to maintain business contacts and needs periodic gifts of time intervals. Holidays, anniversaries, activities and other general business suitable for giving business gifts will be noted, but in the gift on time intervals-no less. Important customer if only every year with the same reason and the gift may not be enough time, that would require business to customer, gifts and further analysis of the environment, determine the correct gift opportunities.
the above three aspects are closely linked together, because of business gifts is one of activities of enterprises, it not only needs to meet the enterprise's overall business diplomacy, must meet, including customs, business etiquette, psychology and sociology and other related requirements.
  corporate gifts are different from individual gifts, it must first face of corporate image. The corporate image of companies in different industries have different, some focus on the company's innovative image, some tried to show strength, but have one thing in common, that company gifts, if not to promote a product or service, it must reflect the company's culture.
Second, corporate gifts tend to be common people like, but could not bring himself to buy features. If the gift recipient of an enterprise can be purchased, it is difficult to reflect the unique concerns of companies, it is PR important customers is particularly important to the company. Embodied in the gift of choice, the companies can't just buy gifts daily gift, but should look for a professional gift design company, combines features of enterprise and customer tailored.
corporate gifts are different from the maximum because of its consistency, integration and planning. For important clients, groups and partners, corporate gift gift reflected overall and require targeted personality changes. Gift selection is beyond the simple gift idea, need to deepen their understanding of their own services and cultural understanding as well as understanding the gift of understanding, and corporate gifts really get into culture this level, reached the top of the POPs. BACK
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