Beauty skin care tips--cucumber

Cucumber fiber-rich, tender, which can promote the excretion of toxins in the intestine. Eat cucumbers can also reduce blood lipids. More remarkable is the cucumber skin, cucumber alcohol acid can help you lose weight.
     fresh cucumber cucumber enzyme is very active enzymes can effectively promote body metabolism, promotes blood circulation, to skin beauty.
     young cucumber beauty for summer. Cut the cucumber into small, thin like cicada wing film attached to the face. Body heat uptake of the cucumber, also remove skin, fever, flu, fever skin smooth, with the exclusion of waste accumulated within the pores, removing brown spots, making the skin more beautiful, particularly to perspire easily and often long pimples on the face may be more appropriate.
     method: slice a fresh cucumber, first to use wiped carefully with the hot towels on the face, then back each of cucumber affixed to the face, nose and other bad paste parts, you can stick it on cucumbers cut into halves. 10 minutes or so, then wipe face with hot towels clean.
     beauty by doing daily 1 cucumber, can make the skin smooth, dirt does not accumulate in the pores, skin renewed, achieve a clean beautiful skin effect. BACK
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