Anti-cancer fruit, how well do you know

Anti-cancer fruit, how well do you know
fruit (fruit food) generally has the following four features:
 , rich in juice;   II, contain more sugar, and many also contain volatile aromatic substances;
  three, usually eaten raw;
  four, independently of meals to eat.
  the above characteristics in line with the better, the more people "fruit" feeling. For example banana juice is not much, but its flesh rich in soluble sugars and ISO-amyl acetate (common name banana water) of volatile aromatic substances, usually eaten raw, are independent of the three meals a day for food, bananas are fruit. Like juicy tomatoes, and contain soluble sugars, but traditionally do not often eaten raw, nor independent of the meals eaten, so some people think that it is not a fruit but small-fruited varieties of tomatoes cherry tomatoes for the fresh, often independently of meals eaten, so widely is seen as the fruit of cherry tomato.
  health (healthy food) good fruit
 , hypotensive (blood pressure foods) fruit: Hawthorn, watermelon, pear, pineapple.
  II, various vitamins (vitamin food), folic acid (folate foods) and the formation of DNA related to pregnancy (pregnancy foods) initially, folic acid is important for cell reproduction and repair, it helped the embryonic development of the nervous system, preventing pregnant women (pregnant women food) anemia.
  contain folic acid fruits: apples (Apple foods), banana, mango, papaya and Kiwi.
  in the third, slowing the aging process in common fruits, Kiwi is considered to be the most nearly perfect fruit, it contains good amounts of vitamin c, a, e, folic acid and micronutrients (trace elements in food) nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and dietary fiber, and low calorie. Kiwi can play up this fast, stressed the vitality of modern city life. In addition, Kiwi contains amino acids (amino acids), can help the body to make hormones, slowing the aging process.
  as Kiwi cold, so pregnant mothers had better eat less.
SI, weight loss (diet) thin some of the fruit is rich in dietary fiber, fibre is not for the small intestine for digestion (digested food) carbohydrate, colon, fiber available to intestinal nutrients, which helps promote the body's metabolism and helps suppress appetite.
  weight loss fruits: apples, grapefruit, Dragon fruit.
v, the facial skin care body exposed every day, damaged by harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet irradiation, and capillary shrinkage, Sebaceous Gland secretion reduced, the skin becomes dry and dehydrated. Fruits rich in antioxidants vitamin e and the trace element, can nourish the skin, its beauty (beauty food) effect is not comparable to cosmetics. And if you smoke, or fat, it also implies that you lack these important components of fat tissue in the body.
  skin fruit: bananas, mangoes, cantaloupe, strawberries, oranges and apples.
  six eyes, eyesight people there are numerous capillaries, role of vitamin c is that it can make the blood supply to the eye are guaranteed.
  protect the eyes (eye food) fruit: Kiwi, lemon.
  seven, cancer (cancer food) natural enemies usually consume more fruits in the diet can reduce the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer and risk of lung cancer. This is because the fruit contains trace elements necessary for the human body.
  an anti-cancer fruit: Kiwi, grape (grape food), oranges and apples.
  eight, lower cholesterol, fruits: apples, grapefruit, Hawthorn.

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