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Beijing Shang Li gifts Ltd is a fruit group buy, wholesale fruit, dried fruit, dried fruit wholesale, buy a fruit gift buying, fruit gift-buying, dried fruit gift boxes, dried fruit gift buying, buy dried fruit gift box wholesale, fruit gift boxes wholesale gifts, fruit gifts, fruit gifts for the main business network. Wash fruit network working in businesses, schools, community cultural construction and all kinds of gift customized platform. Has international first-class of gas adjustable preservation library, and refrigerated preservation transport team, to ahead of business thought, and Beijing Shang Li gift, and Beijing gift, and Beijing gift company, and Beijing gift custom, and Beijing gift wholesale, and Beijing gift network, and Beijing features gift, and Beijing high-end gift, and Beijing high-end gift company, and Beijing gift shop, efficient of operation mode, to social by needed for several any, to sophisticated quality for survival of this, to perfect of service for guarantees, made has good of economic and social benefits. Wash fruit network has a powerful backend system, shopping, delivery, payment and customer feedback to achieve integration. We absorb domestic and foreign advanced management methods and philosophy, and combining the characteristics of clients, summed up a comprehensive range of services for customers.
  fruit industry in Beijing, and we started in 1999, the fruit gifts, dried fruit and gift industry of more than 10 years experience in the industry, let us know more about the needs of customers. We also offer our new and old customers, fruit, gift cards, dried fruit gift cards, fruit boxes, dried fruit gift boxes, customer convenience, such as business gifts. As long as you have a phone, a gift card, dried fruit, fruit can send a card to your hand, we can also be your gift direct gift boxes of fruit, dried fruit gift boxes and delivered into the hands of the person you want to give.
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